Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

The effect of:

Asanas (Yoga Positions)

When adopting a body posture, certain groups of muscles stretch, others contract. Proper breathing supplies the blood with more oxygen. Giving up the posture, the oxygen-enriched blood flows back into the muscles. Thus muscles and inner organs are “refreshed” and activated. The cell metabolism is enhanced, and so are purging and detoxification. Joints, ligaments and sinews become more supple, the flexibility of the spinal column is conserved or restored.


Pranayamas (Yoga Breathing)

The breath plays a prominent role in the physical and spiritual wellbeing of a human being. If you learn to breathe properly, i.e. regularly and with a relaxed flow, all vital processes within body, spirit and mind become activated and harmonized. One becomes more balanced and more creative. Regular and relaxed breathing helps combat nervousness and agitation, making your life more harmonious.


Many people are at times victims of stress. They suffer from nervousness, palpitations, tensions, sleeplessness, headaches and exhaustion. With these symptoms our body signals that we should let go and relax.

The relaxation of the body is naturally connected with the calming of breath and thoughts. Learning the relaxation techniques, one can exercise them at home too, consciously counteracting stress.

Dhyana (meditation)

The goal of the ascending Yoga grades is learning meditate with a healthy body and purified mind for a long time. There are various meditation methods, but all are aimed at a purification of the spirit, an inner balance and Ananda (bliss).

Om – bhur bhuva svaha – tat savitur varenyam – bhargo devasya dhimahi – dhiyo yo nah prachodayat.

We meditate on that most adorable and most enchanting luster of our supreme Lord, who is our creator and source of eternal Joy. May this light inspire and illumine our intellect. (Gayathri-Mantram)

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