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Dance productions

D. Keshava, Anjali and Sumitra Keshava create in their innovative choreographies an interplay of various art forms. They bring Indian dance in an interaction with different dance and music styles and deal in an artistic way with mythological and contemporary themes. Indian Dance has developed continuously over the last 2000 years. Using the manifold expressive patterns of Indian Dance they are going new ways. They are constantly taking up new challenges by confronting classical and contemporary Indian Dance with other dancing and musical styles, blending them to create fascinating new productions. Since 1976 Kalasri has been presenting many choreographies and productions.

Dance Theatre «Himalaya»

3000 km long – 350 km wide – 40-50 million years old – over 8000 meter high
Where Shiva created the world through dance – Where love became invisible – Where the river goddess Ganga poured from the sky to earth – Where Gods and demons competed for the drink of immortality.

Himalaya is a playful dialogue between dancers and musicians – a wonderful, exciting, mystical, and at times reflective journey to the majestic Himalaya.

Himalaya – Dance and Music Theatre – Website

Moving Sculptures

On the occasion of Indian Festival Diwali the Kalasri Dance Ensemble presents their new dance and music production Moving Sculptures. The Dancers Keshava, Anjali and Sumitra narrate the fascinating stories of ancient temple sculptures, bringing them to life through virtuous dance choreographies. Brilliant Musicians from India accompany the dancers on their tour through Switzerland with their inspiring music. Moving Sculptures is an impressive interplay of music, theatre and classical Indian dance.


Dance Theatre “Pancha Bhuta”

“Pancha Bhuta – The Five Elements” – According to Indian philosophy, the world manifests itself by the five universal elements Bhumi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Akasha (space). Their interactions keep life on the Earth in motion, making it evolve towards perfection. But the same forces can also trigger conflicts or catastrophies. This interdisciplinary dance theatre combines classical and contemporary Indian Dance with Yoga and the South Indian martial art Kalaripayattu. D. Keshava has composed the music to Pancha Bhuta together with Swiss and Indian musicians living in Switzerland.


Bharatanatyam am Psalm Festival

D. Keshava, Anjali und Sumitra Keshava zeigen mit dem Kalasri Musikensemble ein abendfüllendes Programm im Bharatanatyam Stil zum Thema Weiblichkeit und Fruchtbarkeit am Psalm Festival in Graz, Österreich.


Diwali – Indian Festival of Lights

Every year in October or November a varied dance program is presented on the occasion of the Diwali Indian Light Festival.


Stories from the Bible

A unique blend of Hindu and Christian culture

The dancer family Keshava dances and tells stories and prayers from the Bible. In their full-length program Keshava, Anjali and Sumitra interpret several stories from the Bible by means of dance, pantomime and music. They present Noah and his Ark, the life of Mary Magdalene and the story of the greedy publican Zacchary. The Keshavas found a way to blend two cultures into an exciting and enriching combination. Human dignity and human rights, as well as working discrimination, discrimination according to sex, religion or background are the focal themes of this production. The art of Indian Dance is a language in itself. The artist expresses his thoughts and emotions through hand gestures (Mudras) and acting (Abhinaya). Using the typical Indian Dance elements D. Keshava choreographed the biblical stories and went new ways based on the old techniques.



Symbiose ist ein Duett, bei dem Sumitra Keshava und Kilian Haselbeck ihre sehr unterschiedlichen Hintergründe aufeinander treffen lassen. Sie, ausgebildet in klassischem indischem Tempeltanz Bharatanatyam und er, zeitgenössischer Tänzer, fragen gemeinsam, wie mit dem Unbekannten umzugehen ist, wo Grenzen überwunden werden können und die eigene Identität bewahrt werden will. Es entsteht ein Brennpunkt von Tradition, Innovation und kultureller Vielfalt.

Bollywood Night

The Kalasri Dance Ensemble presents electrifying and emotional choreographies to popular Bollywood filmsongs. (2006)

Firebird (after music by I. Stravinsky)

A contemporary Indian choreography to classical European music. Following Stravinsky’s pictorial sounds, the Kalasri Dance Ensemble leads you into the world of  Russian fairytales. In the lead roles: Nikhil Bigler (contemporary dancer), Anjali Keshava, Sumitra Keshava, D. Keshava. (2005)

Bhava, Raga, Tala (emotion, melody, rhythm)

A varied dance program in the Bharatanatyam style to the three characteristic elements emotion, melody and rhythm. (2002)

Navagraha – The Nine Planets (with live music)

On the occasion of the Schools 25 Year Anniversary, Kalasri presented the mystic innovative dance theatre about the nine planets (Navagraha Stotram) according to the Vedas, the sacred Indian scriptures. (2001)

Tag der neuen Schöpfung – die Taube

Esther Jenny choreografierte und tanzte die Rolle der Taube in der Jubiläumsproduktion „Tag der neuen Schöpfung“ von Silja Walter im Kloster Ingenbohl.

The Female Divinity (with live music)

Female godesses are an integral part of the Hindu faith. Keshava, Anjali and Sumitra present diverse traditional choreographies as well as a contemporary interpretation to mythological tales about the stages in a woman’s life. The tour in 1999 was accompanied by a music ensemble from India. (1999)

The Four Seasons (after music by A. Vivaldi)

An impressive choreography to the expressive music by Antonio Vivaldi. The production was very well received also in India and broadcast by Indian TV. (1997)

The Four Indian Dance Styles (with live music)

Esther Jenny, D. Keshava and Anjali Keshava present a fascinating program with the four best known classical Indian dance styles Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kathak and Kuchipudi. The world premiere in 1996 was accompanied live by a music ensemble from India.


Dance theatre about the hero Rama, his wife Sita, his brother Lakshmana, God Hanuman and the demon king Ravana. In 1993 Esther Jenny and D. Keshava went on a Swiss tour with this popular Indian epic.

Mohini Bhasmasura

Dance theatre about the mythologic tale of the powerful demon Bhasmasura, who could be defeated only by a ruse and the dancing of God Vishnu. (1984)

Buddha Charitam (Siddharta)

The impressive life story of the young Siddharta on his way to enlightment. (1987)

Der Tod und das Mädchen (zur Musik von Schubert)

D.Keshava choreografierte und tanzte zur Komposition „das Tod und das Mädchen“ von Franz Schubert.

The Tiger and the Honest Cow (An Indian tale)

A touching dance theatre with masks about honesty, compassion and the joy of living. (1982)

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